A Bit About Us

Who We are:

Salt + Light Plant Co is a women-owned small business for plant lovers and was founded by long time friends, Jamie Richardson and Sarah Mathews. We provide everything from indoor plants, plant care supplies, plant mama gifts and garden wear to indoor plant design consultation and plant pop ups. We are located in Little Rock, AR and offer free delivery and pick up to our central AR customers. 

How we met:

Sarah and I met 15 years ago while working together at Haus Werk in Hillcrest. We bonded over processing freight, fending off shoplifters and sharing takeout from Leo's. We became good friends and roommates before eventually finding husbands, "real" jobs and starting families. 

Where our journeys led:

Sarah has taught highschool psychology for the past 15 years and is Mom to 3 great kids. I (Jamie) opened a clothing store in the Heights (2009-2016) called Ember Boutique and am Mom to 2. Our lives distanced us for several years as we focused on work, marriage and family. 

How we got into house plants:

Sarah grew up on a farm and missed the connection with nature she felt through planting and harvesting. Taking care of indoor plants has helped to fill this void. She loves tending to and growing her urban indoor "farm." 

I was bitten by the plant bug when I moved to Denver,CO after closing my clothing store in 2016. City living was new and challenging, and I found myself housebound with the winter weather, a toddler and a baby. I loved that I could bring life and warmth to my home with plants. I even think it made me feel less lonely.

Our Mission:

I returned to Little Rock in 2021, newly inspired by a handful of "plant boutiques" I'd discovered in Denver. I loved the in between-ness of these shops. Not exactly a nursery or garden center, these boutiques had a warm, enticing atmosphere that inspired me. Not every plant lover knows how or has space to garden and/or landscape. It's quite a different customer altogether. Pandemic life forced all of us indoors, and many indoor plant enthusiasts were born. Sarah and I want to prove that everyone can have a green thumb, regardless of time, money, experience and space. 

Having said that, we invite you to get into our plants ;)



Jamie and Sarah